THE YELLOW THREAD – by Färg & Blanche

- An art and design concept for the Justus Lipsius and Europa buildings in Brussels on the occasion of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

From 1 January to 30 June 2023, Sweden holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. During each term for the Presidency, the Council buildings feature spaces for an artistic design concept developed by the Member State that holds the office.

The concept of The Yellow Thread derives in part from the phrase ‘the common thread’, or “röda tråden” in Swedish, a metaphor for a core idea or consistent theme running through a creative work of some kind. However, in this instance the thread is yellow to capture our attention. It’s also the colour of happiness, optimism and sunlight. At the same time, the thread can be seen as representing a link between people, countries, communities and ideas.

The project is produced by the Swedish Institute in close collaboration with the Permanent Swedish Representation to the European Union.

Process video from the Council

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