“Using old roofing sheets seemed to have its own evolution”

Grace is a new limited edition chair from Källemo by Mats Theselius. A fascinating part is the copper-clad back, which comes from the roof of the renovated church Högalidskyrkan. An odd project for most furniture companies but quite natural for the Swedish furniture producer Källemo. 

The adventure began when Mats Theselius was asked if he wanted to make an armchair upholstered with copper panels from the roof of the church Högalidskyrkan. The roof was in poor condition, and all the panels were being replaced as part of a major refurbishment prior to the centennial anniversary in the summer of 2023. Designed by Ivar Tengbom and inaugurated in 1923, Högalidskyrkan is a fine example of the style Swedish Grace.

The idea of using roof panels for armchairs was not new to Mats. Ten years earlier, he used the copper panels from the roof of St. Petri’s church in Klippan, Sweden for the chair “Hommage á Sigurd Lewerentz”, made in a limited edition of 123 copies.

But making Grace was not an obvious decision for Mats, who explains his thoughts about it like this:

“After some pondering about whether I should repeat myself, I still found something new and appealing in the task. Using old roofing sheets for my armchairs seemed to have its own evolution, so why not? As I immersed myself in the design process, I gradually developed a special feeling of having come full circle and finally, in some strange way, both coming home and back to our time. Not only for myself but also on a more general level. My interest in the classics stems from a search for timeless values. I wanted to create monumentality but also sustainability, which is highly relevant today”.

Källemo has a long tradition of making limited-edition furniture, and we asked Adam Kübar, co-owner of Källemo, what the project says about them as a company.

“I think it says we have great confidence in Mats Theselius and our long relationship. It is also in line with the Källemo brand to realise it. We like producing unique furniture with an interesting story. And limited furniture in small series is somewhat typical for Källemo; Jonas Bohlin’s iconic concrete chair from 1981, made in 100 copies, is a good example. The love of making furniture is great at Källemo, and all our furniture has a history that I can talk about for a long time”, says Adam Kübar.

The Grace armchair will be produced in a limited numbered edition of 223 pieces. Production will start around summer 2023. Part of the profit goes to the renovation of the church Högalidskyrkan. 

Photo of the church Högalidskyrkan by Roberth Björk.


The boundless project

From the roof of a church to the back of an armchair.




The armchair Grace


Mats Theselius