Long-lasting furniture from Sweden brings justice to an iconic building

The new state-of-the-art court of Bendigo puts the people and the community first. The design was made to reflect this Australian city’s unique cultural heritage, and Swedish furniture company Karl Andersson & Söner was chosen to be a part of this unique project.

Attending court can be a stressful experience. To create a fair, accessible, and efficient court, as well as strengthen the public confidence in the justice system, Wardle and furniture company K5 Furniture have created a human-centred building that puts people and the community first.

The Swedish furniture company Karl Andersson & Söner delivered their Kamón Dinner sofa, designed by Moni Beuchel, to be installed in the public waiting areas on three floors in the new court. The sofa is specially adapted – both in length and anchoring in the floor – with an armrest between the sofas, standing with their backs to each other.

The business concept of Karl Andersson & Söner is pretty much the same as Karl Andersson formulated in 1898, with “sustainability” as a core value. A word that has been central to their business concept for over 100 years, meaning they conserve resources, is environmentally sound and produce furniture that will last for several decades. A core value that fits this project well.

The new court building is made from a brick base with upper levels clad in copper. Ninety per cent of the building’s surfaces and materials have been locally sourced.

This civic space is visually and culturally anchored to Bendigo’s unique heritage, connected to the Dja Dja Wurrung, Bendigo’s Traditional owners. Wardle Architects and landscape architects ASPECT Studios worked closely with Djaara representatives to bring culturally appropriate designs to the building.

The building facade features a spectacular large-scale artwork by Indigenous artist Racquel Kerr. Almost nine metres tall and 15 metres wide, made from hammered copper, the artwork depicts Djaara Creation figure Bunjil – a soaring wedge-tailed eagle – who oversees law and people’s conduct in the country.

Photos by Matthew Walsh.

The boundless project

From Huskvarna, Sweden, to Bendigo, Australia.
Export and sustainability project: Bendigo Law Courts.


Karl Andersson & Söner


Kamón Dinner by Moni Beuchel


K5 Furniture


Wardle, and landscape architects ASPECT Studios